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My fishing starts

Added 2.11.2009

The first fish I ever caught a perch. I was then seven years old and my grandfather, we went to the Elbe. It was in Čelákovice, where we then had a chat. I'm fishing with a completely new ticket as an entirely new laminate stick. Grandpa with his rods and me "on his neck".

After several failed, but it vypečenějších attempts, I managed to bring up. I found that the whole art consists in the fact that a) I hit the water, b) I can not hit anything else. Today it sounds very simple, even ... But then it was something totally new.

And then I watched warily float. So essentially the one in my first attempts cast hung on alder. Why I missed the first shot. So I slipped the new worm the hook and already the third attempt I cast. And then it came. Float sank, I slashed and the fish have an air date because I have adrenaline and excitement, I failed to do and slashed sharply. Much sharply.

I have eagerly bass jumped and grabbed his hand. I immediately let him but because all the fins straightened bass and I got hit full capacity. So my grandfather did not know what to do first. Either the bass off the hook, or me to stop bleeding. I had a sore hand and it hurt like crazy, but I had my first fish.