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Services offered or how it actually works

First, it should be noted that there is no difference between the presentation of "big companies" and "ordinary tradesman". Just need to clarify if it is to promote business name, finding new clients and enhance product sales. Can obviously arise as various combinations, but they must be treated very carefully.

During our practice we have met the requirement for creating presentations in Flash. If a visitor entered the site, it was to run a large and long "cinema". For us there is no problem to make a presentation. But the problem was that the company has raised pořadavek that desperately needed new customers and new presentation of the promised surge of new clients, literally. Finally, we have produced almost half the price of a presentation that is optimized for search engines, we recommend this website to support PPC campaigns.

Another requirement was quite tricky wish we produced a business card on the Internet. After what we have found that this should be to promote the sale of an entirely new product, we proposed a different strategy. Though somewhat financially costly, but the client has paid off. He became a sales success with its exclusive representative for the Czech Republic. This is a few weeks, when we contacted the client again. Needs to make a new presentation, it could become a representative for the whole of Central Europe.

It follows that good will if you tell us straight what they promised from the internet presentation. We'll do the rest.