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Added 4.11.2009

Again began a period when the tire retailers compete in advertising to attract the attention of all drivers. Yes, again came the time when you přezují drivers accountable for winter tires. The purchase of tires are offered great discounts amounting to almost 120%, in other tire price from 450, - Kč. (This is probably a tire on bicycles.)

As the creator of the web (webdesigner) took me rather a different matter. While the search has reached the autumn, according to statistics, Google, maxima in the period around 14/10/2009, spring is opposed to finding barely a quarter. It can draw several conclusions. For example, even to a lot of drivers travel throughout the year on winter tires. Or summer tires will last more than winter tires.

It should learn not only tire (it should be to produce better quality winter tires :-)), but the drivers themselves (to save winter tires on them and ride with caution).

Looking to Wikipedie, we find that the tire was invented already in the year 1845th Then it was Robert William Thomson, but his invention fit. Only in 1888, volunteered his patent John Boyd Dunlop. A first "Dunlopka" was born.