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Added 5.11.2009

Christmas is coming and thus nadělování gifts. It is clear that the greatest joy we want to do the smallest, youngest, respectively, ie children. And we all began to look for toys. And where better to find inspiration than the Internet. Toy stores compete in tenders and we hardly resist.

Search words " toys ". List the daily maximum reaches almost 27500th So look in more detail. For example, the word " BARBIE " Is a day through 13500, the word " LEGO ". Is almost frequency 15000th.

Let's see what the Barbie doll says Wikipedie : Barbie is the world's most famous and best-selling doll, first presented at the American International Toy Fair (the largest toy trade fair in the west) 9.3.1959 Doll manufactured by Mattel, Inc.. Best-selling Barbie in the history of the Totally Hair Barbie (known outside the U.S. as "Ultra Hair Barbie"), issued in 1992. Barbie dolls are also dangerous. For most girls are Barbie model and trying to look like Barbie dolls. It usually ends with anorexia or bulimia. Most Barbie dolls and accessories are produced in a ratio of approximately 1:6. The inventor of the Barbie doll Mrs. Ruth Handler. She created her for his daughter Barbarru, after which a doll named. Barbie, she starred in the film.

Wikipedie LEGO notes on: Lego, also known commercially LEGO, is a series of modular products, manufactured by Lego a Danish family group. Our leading product is the original series of kits containing called Lego bricks, small alloy cubes, which can be freely composed together. They are still accompanied by a large number of other colored parts minifigurkami (also known as minifigs) and much more mutually compatible material. The Lego model can be put almost anything - cars, airplanes, trains, houses and castles, sculptures, space ships and even functional robots.