Free Websites

Free Websites

Added 25.1.2010

On the Internet there are unfortunately a lot of sites that promise the creation of the Internet, or web pages for free. Although it appears this offer as tempting as it is mostly the information is incorrect and misleading. In the vast majority in fact is a publishing system with which you can create a presentation. This presentation will be stored on the server of the site owners. And just for this deposit is paid. In my opinion it is a conjuring trick.

The truth is that the offer of this Web site templates for free is varied and the code is mostly valid. But even here we find exceptions and our production site for free "we can be costly. As an example, I said one of his good friend. He longed for the company's website. Has a small catering business, hoping to use the Internet to increase it. Although I had offered his services (for a friend I would write a Web site for the price of a token), he opted for one of the services' Web sites for free.

After three months, turned to me, if I had on his website after all look. Seznam showed the site on the keywords on the 11th page and Google did not know at all. So I looked into the code and I bent - Validátor W3C showed me just over 60 errors on the homepage. Various attempts I dopídil concluded that the error was generated publishing system. A friend to me that finding royal pohostil and asked if I had found another website for free. And that I will pay. Finally, we agreed that he create a website.


To really create a website for free, write them yourself. one of the methods currently used by beginners is that you can find Web pages with templates (Web Templates). They are relatively easy to adjust and an hour or two you have a working site. The second option is to learn to program sites. But also the most help was finished template.